​What Is A Solar Garden Light

- May 26, 2020-

Solar Garden light is a kind of green energy lamp, which has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and convenient installation. Solar lawn lamp is mainly composed of light source, controller, storage battery, solar cell assembly and lamp body and other components. Under the illumination of light, it stores electric energy in the battery through the solar cell, and in the absence of light, sends the battery power into the load LED through the controller. It is suitable for beautifying lighting decoration of green grass in residential communities and beautifying decoration of park lawns.
System composition edit
A complete solar lawn lamp system includes: light source, controller, battery, solar cell assembly and lamp body. When sunlight shines on the solar cell during the day, the solar cell converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores the electrical energy in the storage battery through the control circuit. After dark, the electric energy in the battery supplies power to the LED light source of the lawn lamp through the control circuit. When the next morning dawns, the battery stops supplying power to the light source, the lawn lamp goes out, and the solar battery continues to charge the battery, and the cycle is repeated.
The controller is composed of a single-chip microcomputer and a sensor, and controls the on and off of the light source part through the collection and judgment of light signals. The lamp body mainly plays the role of system protection and decoration during the day to ensure the normal operation of this system. Among them, the light source, controller, and battery are the keys to determine the performance of the lawn lamp system.