The Development Process Of Stainless Steel

- Oct 13, 2017-

China's stainless steel industry development and progress later, since the founding of the reform and opening up, the demand of stainless steel in China is mainly the use of industrial and defense-oriented cutting-edge. After the reform and opening-up, the rapid development of the national economy, the people's living standards significantly improved, pulling the demand for stainless steel. In the last century 90 's, the stainless steel industry in China entered a rapid development period, the demand for stainless steel growth rate is much higher than the global level. Since 1990, the global stainless steel apparent consumption has grown at an average annual rate of 6%, while in the 90 's 10 years, China's stainless steel apparent consumption is 2.9 times times the average annual growth rate in the world. Enter 21st century, our country stainless steel industry grows rapidly.