Development Trend Of Seeder

- Oct 13, 2017-

In the development of high-power tractors in the region tend to further increase the working width and operating speed of the seeder, improve the seeding quality under high-speed operation. The versatility and adaptability of different seeds, sowing capacity, spacing and various soil and ground conditions are further expanded, at the same time, all kinds of joint operating machines and no-tillage sowing machines are also developing.

Precision Seeder will be more widely used in corn, sugar beets, cotton, legumes and some vegetable crops. The manufacturing precision of the seed-arranging device will be improved continuously, and the electronic monitoring device which can emit the alarming signal in time is used.

In addition, the seeding method is also continuously improved, such as the use of peristaltic pump seed-seeding method, can be exempted from poor soil conditions on the germination of seeds, but also the application of pesticides, fertilizers and so on.